Friday, July 30, 2010

PS3 Media Server's PS3 Not Found Problem on Windows 7

I recently looked into solutions to stream media from my computer (Windows 7 Enterprise Edition) to my Playstation 3.The available options were Tversity and PS3 Media Server. I ended up choosing PS3 Media Server (v1.10.51 at the time of writing) after learning about its transcoding capability, the fact that it's open source, and the advertised "minimum configuration".

The installation was straightforward, it would install Java for you if you didn't already. I launched the program after the installation and I got this big red cross shown telling me that PS3 has not been found. Is it on? You can also check traces and/or configuration, or also the debug.log file. However my PS3 was on, and the PS3 could not detect the media server either.

The traces read [main] TRACE 02:43:54.959 It's ready! You should see the server appears on XMB, so the server seemed to be running. I made sure that Windows Media Player sharing service was also off in case there was any conflict (To turn off the sharing service, you can go to Computer > Manage > Services and Application > Services, look for Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service, right-click and select Properties then make sure the Startup type: drop-down has Disabled selected.)

Next thing I did was to check the firewall. I am using the Windows built-in firewall. I disabled it and sure enough my PS3 was detected (To disable firewall, you can go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall, select Turn Windows Firewall on or off from the left side. Select Turn off Windows Firewall.) .

Of course, you wouldn't not want to leave you firewall disabled. You have two options. You can either disable firewall for your private networks only, assuming you trust everyone that you share the network with, or you can modify the firewall rules. To modify firewall rules, go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall and select Advanced settings on the left. Now you can first check if the program Java(TM) Platform SE binary is blocked under Monitoring > Firewall, if it is, change the action to Allow. Otherwise, you can create new Inbound Rule and Outbound Rule to allow traffic on port 5001 (the default port used by PS3 Media Server).

I hope this helps anyone who encounters the same problem.

tl;dr PS3 Media Server not detecting PS3, fixed by configuring firewall to allow traffic by PMS.


  1. I had been searching for a while on a fix to this. Thanks so much. it worked like a charm.

  2. Thank you! PS3MS finally works on my new system!

  3. wow man i have been sitting DAYS with this terrible issue but it worked at once i stoped the media service share

  4. This was the the only thing that simple solution I could find. It worked like a charm. Thanks heaps.

  5. Thank you very much this was very helpful.