Saturday, July 31, 2010

osCommerce Migration Tool For Magento Installation Failure

I tried to install osCommerce Migration Tool for Magento today and I encountered the following error.

SQL Errno 150 While Importing Magento Database

I was moving Magento install from one server to another, without looking at any documentation on recommended way to do that. I exported/dumped the database and imported it to the new one. The database was huge, it was taking so long that I stepped away to do other stuffs. When I came back it terminated after executing 290k queries and reported an errno 150. This indicated a problem with the foreign keys.

Friday, July 30, 2010

PS3 Media Server's PS3 Not Found Problem on Windows 7

I recently looked into solutions to stream media from my computer (Windows 7 Enterprise Edition) to my Playstation 3.The available options were Tversity and PS3 Media Server. I ended up choosing PS3 Media Server (v1.10.51 at the time of writing) after learning about its transcoding capability, the fact that it's open source, and the advertised "minimum configuration".

The installation was straightforward, it would install Java for you if you didn't already. I launched the program after the installation and I got this big red cross shown telling me that PS3 has not been found. Is it on? You can also check traces and/or configuration, or also the debug.log file. However my PS3 was on, and the PS3 could not detect the media server either.